63 Per Cent of Mobile Video is Watched at Home

Watching videos is the third most popular activity on smartphones, based on time spent, according to a study conducted by On Device Research on behalf of the IAB in the US.

63 per cent of mobile video is watched in the home, which might come as a surprise given mobiles on the go mantra – but makes sense given the high demands video content makes on mobile data bandwidth. Even more interestingly, in 36 per cent of cases, there is already another screen available in the room where mobile video is being watched, and mobile video usage peaks at TVs traditional prime-time hours. Its also worth noting that only three per cent said they watched video on their mobile because no other screen was available.

The study also found that 92 per cent of viewers share the videos theyve watched on their phone with their friends, with funny clips and music videos the most likely types of videos to be shared.

When it came to advertising, 53 per cent of respondents said they were positive or neutrally receptive towards mobile video ads. 44 per cent recalled seeing an ad while watching mobile video, with short 10-15 second spots proving the most memorable format.

Those figures, it appears, could be improved with better relevance and targeting, with 48 per cent saying that theyd prefer the ads to be related to the video content being watched.

“Digital video marketing has skyrocketed over the past year, and is primed to deliver even greater returns on a variety of screens – particularly on mobile phones,” said Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB. “This study points to a unique proposition for connecting with consumers who are watching that video content on mobile.”