65 per cent of app downloads come from organic searches

Around two thirds of app downloads are still coming from organic searches within app stores and online, according to figures from Adjust and App Annie, emphasising the importance of app store optimisation when it comes to ensuring that marketers reach consumers with their native mobile apps.

The figure comes from Adjust’s new whitepaper, The Complete Guide to Mobile App Marketing: App Store Optimisation, which was co-written with App Annie. The whitepaper is a deep dive into app store optimisation (ASO) strategy, covering how marketers can improve both discoverability and conversion using all the tools available to them.

With 2m apps available in the iOS App Store and 2.5m in the Google Play Store, it’s more important than ever for marketers to ensure that their apps are designed to be easily found and distinctive among the crowd. Adjust’s whitepaper details what to look for in an ASO vendor, how to fine tune your app store entry for maximum impact, and how marketers can encourage user feedback, all with real world examples from big name apps that Adjust and App Annie have worked with.

You can download The Complete Guide to Mobile App Marketing: App Store Optimisation for free today by clicking on the link above. The whitepaper is just the first part of Adjust’s planned series, which when brought together will form a comprehensive guidebook for mobile marketers.