67 per cent of App Users Want Rewards for Interacting With Adverts

Tapjoy_Logo_white67 per cent of consumers want to be offered a reward such as premium content or virtual currency in exchange for engaging with in-app advertisements, according to a new report.

The report, by Forrester Consulting and rewarded mobile advertising network Tapjoy, showed that while the potential for reaching consumers through apps was high, with 93 per cent of smartphone owners using apps daily and an average of three hours engagement per consumer, there was also a high risk of damaging an advertisers brand by using in-app ads incorrectly.

Pointing to the task-oriented mindset of users and small screen size as some of the reasons behind this dissatisfaction, the report revealed that in-app ads were perceived as more disruptive than web page ads or those shown during online video. 74 per cent of users find automatically served in-app ads annoying, 69 per cent said they made enjoying the app harder, and 65 per cent described them as “interruptive”. 69 per cent said it was critical that ads dont disrupt their usage of an app.

The report indicated that rewarded adverts were more likely to drive interaction and brand engagement, with 74 per cent of consumers saying they were willing to share digital contact information for rewards, and over half willing to share basic demographic information like gender and age. In-app extras were the most common rewards, with game currency, unlockable content and levels all used.

“Consumers are not only embracing rewarded advertising, they prefer it,” said Peter Dille, chief marketing officer for Tapjoy. “Consumers want control over the experience and to be empowered with the choice of which ad to engage with, and the rewarded model accomplishes that while driving stronger brand sentiment.”