68 Per Cent Interested in Adopting Mobile Payments

68 per cent of mobile owners are interested in trying out mobile payments, according to research from Yankee Group – but only 14 per cent have actually completed a mobile transaction in the past three months.

Where people have used their mobile for this purpose, the average transaction is $4.68 for in-store payments and $11.62 for mCommerce purchases.

“While consumers and merchants remain intrigued by mobile wallets, no single solution has emerged victorious,” said Jason Armitage, principal analyst at Yankee Group and co-author of the report. “As a result, the market is characterized by a multitude of mobile wallet vendors vying for dominance, with a dizzying number of available offerings. As the market matures, solutions that deliver actual value for consumers and merchants will proliferate and clear winners and losers will become more apparent.”