6m Brits Book Same-day Travel on Mobile, says Lastminute.com

LastMin6m people in the UK use their mobiles to book travel plans on the day needed, according to research from Lastminute.com.

59 per cent of the surveys 2,000 respondents said they book their hotel or flights on a mobile site or app less than a week before their departure date, while 19 per cent book on the day of travel.

A third of bookings for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights on Lastminutes mobile site and app are made between 6pm and midnight that day. Continuing a night out with friends or a date are among the most popular reasons for these super-late bookings, along with missing the last train or bus home. Interestingly, though, Lastminute.com also says 36 per cent of its same-day mobile bookings are for its Top Secret Hotels, suggesting a lot of these bookings are just people who want a bit of last-minute luxury.

“Mobile technology is having an extraordinary impact on our lives,” said Matthew Crummack, CEO of Lastminute.com. “This is only the start, but mobile is already completely changing the way we plan our leisure time – I believe more than the internet did before. Our latest research demonstrates the UK’s phenomenally rapid immersion into the mobile world and the fun which comes with it. In fact, at Lastminute.com, we see every day how more and more customers book hotels between 6pm and midnight for stays that very night, taking last minute living to a whole new level.”