7-Eleven introduces Messenger chatbot

7-Eleven Facebook Messenger chatbot7-Eleven has launched a chatbot on Messenger to enable its customers to engage with the brand 24/7 and get answers to their queries.

The bot is able to help users to sign up for the 7Rewards customer loyalty program, find their local store’s location, learn about discounts, and more.

“Today’s digital-savvy consumers expect brands to be present when and where they choose, in an effortless manner, and 7?Eleven Bot on Messenger allows that to happen,” said Gurmeet Singh, 7?Eleven CDO. “We are launching a unique loyalty experience for our consumers through an intelligent bot. Using groundbreaking technology, customers immediately receive a digital card in messenger and can scan to start earning points, check status as well as collect coupons when they choose. Bye-bye physical loyalty cards.

“This new form of customer experience proves that 7?Eleven is redefining convenience through digital as well as pioneering a new era of loyalty programs. Our digital team constantly looks for new and innovate ways to surprise and delight our customers.”

Earlier this month, the convenience store chain teamed with Amazon to enable shoppers without a credit card to use Amazon Cash to add funds to their Amazon accounts at nearly 8,000 7-Eleven stores.

To add funds, customers present their Amazon barcode to a 7-Eleven cashier along with the money they wish to deposit. This cash will then appear immediately in their Amazon online account for use.

“7?Eleven has long been an advocate for giving customers many options on how to pay for products and services” said Tony Stapleton, senior product director at 7?Eleven. “7?Eleven constantly updates and introduces new forms of payments to respond to continued shifts in customer preferences, life styles, and adoption of new technologies.”