7-Eleven to pilot new Scan & Pay mobile checkout feature

US convenience retail brand 7-Eleven is set to pilot a new Scan & Pay feature that will enable customers to browse and shop at branches without having to check out with a cashier. The feature has already been tested among employees at its Store Support Centre store, and will now be trialled in a number of locations in Dallas.

The functionality will be added to 7-Elevens existing app, enabling users to scan items as they progress around the store, and pay for them using mobile payment. The feature is integrated within the brands 7Rewards loyalty program, enabling customers to earn and redeem any available points or coupons as part of their transaction.

7-Eleven developed the scan & pay system as proprietary technology, focusing on providing customers with a full end-to-end frictionless payment experience. It is just one of several digital innovations the brand has focused on developing and implementing in the past few years, including introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay to all stores, and a 7-Eleven chatbot on Messenger.

“Frictionless experiences are the future, and digital payments are key to such experiences,” said Gurmeet Singh, chief digital officer and chief innovation officer at 7-Eleven. “Consumers prefer shopping at retailers that offer digital payment capabilities. The ability to pay with their smart device gives consumers one more reason to shop at 7-Eleven.”