70 per cent of Consumers Swayed by Mobile Ads in 2014

Shopper tablet generic stock70 per cent of consumers tried a new product or brand after seeing a mobile ad in 2014, new figures have suggested, a 49 per cent increase over 2013.

The statistic comes from a new report by mobile audience intelligence firm NinthDecimal into consumer packaged goods (CPG) and how mobile marketing influences shoppers paths-to-purchase.

The report found that 68 per cent of consumers now use their mobile device to research CPG products or brands prior to shopping, rising to 86 per cent for grocery shopping. 59 per cent of consumers continue to use their mobile device while they are actually grocery shopping, while 69 per cent of online grocery shoppers have used their mobile device to purchase CPG products.

Mobile ads have also proven increasingly effective at lifting in-store visits. Compared to a control audience who had not seen an ad, shoppers exposed to mobile advertising were 75 per cent more likely to visit a store, an increase of 36 per cent over 2013s figures.

“Consumers increasing use of their mobile devices throughout the path-to-purchase offers CPG brands an enormous opportunity to influence shoppers at every step of their purchase lifecycle,” said David Staas, president of NinthDecimal. “Our latest report provides the market with new data around how consumers rely on mobile devices, from research and consideration to creating their shopping list, and ultimately purchases.”