70 Per Cent of Mobile Searches Acted On Within an Hour

70 per cent of mobile searches lead to action on websites within an hour, according to research from iAcquire.

Of course, this depends largely on whether the resulting site their search takes them to is mobile-optimised, with 40 per cent of users trying out another result if the original site they land on isnt mobile friendly.

45 per cent of users 18-29 use mobile search on a daily basis, much higher than older demographics. In fact, of those people who primarily share links via email – largely older, less tech-savvy people – never use mobile search.

The survey also found evidence for the growing phenomenon of second screening, with 40 per cent of searches conducted while users are watching TV – and a third of these tweeted about what they were watching at some point in 2012.

Privacy is key, with 75 per cent of respondents saying they object to sharing their private search data – its interesting to consider how aware these people are of how this data is already used to create profiles of them, in order to create targeted advertising, and where the balance lies between customised personal marketing and infringing on peoples privacy.


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