70 Per Cent of Online Bets Made Using Mobiles During the World Cup

footballMobile betting has scored big during the World Cup, with more and more consumers abandoning desktops and laptops in favour of placing bets on tablets and smartphones.

A report by payment management firm Secure Trading during Englands goalless draw with Costa Rica found that among those who had placed an online bet, 70 per cent had done so using a mobile device.

“Weve seen a huge surge in mobile gaming during the World Cup,” said Jens Bader, commercial director at Secure Trading. “Heavy advertising campaigns coupled with the rise of second screening has led to a massive boost for operators.

“These major events offer a significant mobile opportunity for operators, but they must be equipped for the scenario. Keeping users engaged while making the player journey a smooth one is paramount. For example, a quick and easy player identification solution and a simple sign up process for first-time customers are essential.

“On top of that, invest in a robust and efficient payment area in order to process large surges of transactions efficiently, as well as having the responsiveness to deal with peaks in demand during important matches.”