71 per cent of Young People Need Their Mobile at All Times

KidsA new study has shown the extent to which mobile is now integrated into the daily lives of young people, with 71 per cent of 16-24 year olds agreeing that they need to have their mobile phones on them at all times.

The study, conducted by Havas Media and Weve, shows that social norms are changing, with the use of phones during conversations and social events becoming increasingly acceptable. 61 per cent of 16-24s think its completely or sometime acceptable to use their mobile during meals with family or friends.

The study also showed how smartphones were being used to augment everyday life. Two thirds of 16-24 year olds agree that their smartphones give them the confidence to explore new places, thanks to mapping and guide apps, while 48 per cent have downloaded apps that track sporting or fitness progress. 38 per cent have downloaded apps that help to meet new people, usually in the form of dating apps.

Not all the changes in behaviour were positive though. 64 per cent of those interviewed agree that social media can ruin relationships, while 35 per cent of 16-24s dont make plans in advance, instead relying on information providing via their smartphones.

“The fact that mobile phones are so hugely important to people isnt a new finding. What is interesting though is a shift to almost total dependence on the mobile for so many different utilities and services,” said Nigel Clarkson, commercial director at Weve. “Given the contextual capabilities of mobile like location data, immediacy, and presence in apps and content sites, we velieve there is still so much more the marketing community can do to fully take advantage of this huge cultural shift in behaviour.

“This study with Havas recognises the importance of mobiles in peoples lives. Our job is to translate that into real marketing insight.”