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74 per cent of marketers expect mobile budgets to grow in 2018

Tim Maytom

Almost three-quarters of marketers expect their mobile budget to increase next year, with a third expecting that increase to be 15 per cent or more, new figures from Forrester have revealed. The data supports earlier predictions that forecast that mobile display and social ad spending would double between 2017 and 2021.

The research, which was carried out in partnership with the Mobile Marketing Association, also found that mobile ad spending is fairly evenly split between use cases, with 36 per cent of marketers using mobile advertising primarily for branding, 28 per cent for direct response, and 36 applying mobile to both. Video advertising attracts 30 per cent of mobile spending.

While most marketers agree they'll have extra money to work with next year, they are split on what to prioritise. 47 per cent say they are willing to sacrifice mobile advertising reach to improve the precision of their spending, while 32 per cent say they'd rather decrease precision for a wide mobile reach.

Some issues with mobile persist, however, with lack of transparency identified as a major hurdle. 57 per cent of marketers said a lack of transparency over middleman fees, data and media placements were challenges in planning and buying mobile display ads, and that media agencies were failing to address their concerns over the buying process.