74 per cent of Mobile Users Blame Networks for Slow Video Streaming

74 per cent of mobile users hold operators most responsible for streaming videos stalling, buffering or taking too long to start, according to a survey conducted by On Device Research on behalf of Mobixell Networks, provider of mobile video optimisation solutions.

The survey, which polled over 1,000 mobile phone users in the UK and France, found that slow browsing speed would cause 43 per cent of respondents to consider switching operators, and that 24 per cent would consider switching due to excessive buffering and poor video quality.

“This survey highlights the importance that mobile subscribers attribute to video quality and the steps they would consider taking when it is unsatisfactory,” says Noam Green, VP marketing at Mobixell. “New mobile devices and 4G networks will further inflate mobile data demand, and therefore congestion, in the coming years. To continue to meet user expectations for continuous, no-buffer video, operators are embracing video optimisation with real-time congestion prediction.”