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75 Per Cent of Smartphone Ad Impressions From Apps

David Murphy

75 per cent of ad impressions on smartphones come from apps, with the remaining 25 per cent coming via the browser. The ratio was revealed by Millennial Media co-founder, CEO and President, Paul Palmieri, at the launch of Millennial’s Mobile Audience Solution in London this morning.

Palmieri conceded that the figures were based on activity in Millennial’s own network, but argued that with 45bn ad impressions per month, it is representative of the industry as a whole.

We asked Palmieri what percentage of those in-app ads were for other apps, as opposed to brand advertising, and he told us that the ratio of brand to performance ads in Millennial’s network, where the majority of performance ads are to drive app downloads, is 60:40 brand: performance. It’s worth noting, however, that Millennial, is a highly brand-focused network, so overall, the ratio of in-app ads whose purpose is to drive downloads of other ads is likely to be higher.