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75% of Mobile Apps Have Avoidable Bugs, says Mobile Distillery

David Murphy

75% of mobile applications launch with bugs that could be avoided. So says Mobile Distillery, which says the statistic is based on five years of running a centre for mobile web and mobile app testing.
The company notes that as mobile phones are increasingly in touch with the real world through technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers and NFC, emulators and remote testing devices are less efficient in covering all real use cases. Many developers do not realise how far emulators can be from the real phone performance, it says, pointing out that emulators do not emulate bugs.
Based on our experience with many companies and developers creating and offering mobile apps across a wide range of handsets, unfortunately all too often these apps arent tested in advance, says Mobile Distillery CEO, Jean-Philippe Bechade. At best, end users report bugs they have experienced; at worst,  they just live with the bad brand experience. This can not only damage the companys revenues, but also ruin the customer relationship.
The company set up a test centre five years ago to help spot bugs and errors in mobile apps and the mobile web to avoid wasting money and time on correcting them.  Mobile Distillerys testing service offers access to more than 1,300 handsets, and experienced testers to design a test plan. Future handsets are added the moment they hit the market.
To celebrate the test centres 5th anniversary, Mobile Distillery is offering a free test of an app on five phones, subject to a minimum order of 15 phones. Theres more information on the offer here.