75 per cent of Americans are downloading at least one app per month

Reports that the average American consumer downloads zero apps per month are wrong, despite being widely reported. Data from multiple sources including hard app install data from 74m US smartphones and tablets indicates that the actual number is much higher, at around 1.5 apps per person per month, with more than 80 per cent of 13-24 year olds downloading at least one app per month.

The data comes from a series of research reports made available by mobile marketing tech firm Tune, which has released a bundle of its existing studies as the CMO Briefing, offering marketers an exclusive collection of mobile research reports focused on app marketing that cover everything from scaling revenues to balancing user acquisition with long-term value and maximising ROI on mobile advertising programs.

Among the information included in the various reports is data on how different consumers make download decisions in the various app store environments, how app ratings and reviews differ between the Google Play Store and App Store, and how Fortune 1000 companies are using mobile to power their success.

The reports are all based on the wealth of first-party data that Tune has access to, providing it with unique insights into the paths that marketers can take to make their spending more effective and reach the consumers who are most likely to engage.

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