75 Per Cent of Smartphone Owners are Second-Screeners

75 per cent of smartphone owners, and 70 per cent of tablet owners, use their device while watching television, according to research from UM London.

This nature of this second screening behaviour – or media meshing, as the report calls it – varies between devices, with messaging friends or family (42 per cent) being the main activity on smartphones. Tablet users, meanwhile, were much more likely to browse the internet (55 per cent) or send emails (40 per cent) while sat in front of the TV.

“With three quarters of consumers now multi-screening and multi-tasking, the days of linear media planning are over,” said Claire Spencer, UM London insights director and report author. “For brands to stand out it is vital that campaigns work in three, or even four, screen dimensions.”

According to the Screen Time report, UK homes now have an average of three internet-enabled devices, with 51 per cent of respondents owning smartphones, 22 per cent tablets, and six per cent smart TVs.

While time spent on mobile is growing, according to the report, its not as dramatic as other research has suggested. The daily usage increased by an average of three minutes a year since 2008, up to 1 hour, six minutes per day in 2012. Along with the internet, thats pushed the average amount of time spent watching TV down from 4.4 hours per day in 2010 to 4.3 in 2012.