8 Per Cent Redemption for Mobile Coupons by 2016, says Juniper

The global redemption rate of mobile coupons will average at over 8 per cent per cent by 2016, according to a report from Juniper Research – eight times the best results of paper coupon campaigns. Additionally, the total redemption value will exceed $43bn globally by 2016, driven by better targeting and mobile apps.

According to the Mobile Coupons Update: Ecosystem Analysis & Marketing Channel Strategy 2011-2016 report, North American and Western European markets are beginning to follow the same growth path as the Far East and China, and by 2016 there will be over 600m regular mobile coupon users worldwide.

The report also cautions, however, that this rise will only come after an initial period of experimentation by both coupon issuers and users, during which redemption rates may actually decrease slightly.

David Snow, the author of the report, says: “As with all new mass markets, there is an initial ‘shake out period. North America and Western Europe are at this stage now. For the next few years, users will be signing up to multiple coupon schemes and deciding on the ones they like best – so now is a crucial time for mobile marketing agencies to get it right on behalf of their clients and establish a loyal customer base.”