80 per cent of consumers prefer personalised brand experiences

80 per cent of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it has personalised experiences such as offers and messaging based on location or preferences, with 90 per cent saying they find such personalisation appealing.

Those figures are part of a new whitepaper from Tyntec that explores the impact of personalised mobile messaging when it comes to the retail customer journey. The whitepaper looks at how shopper behaviour has shifted, and how retailers need to be more thoughtful when it comes to tailoring their marketing to individuals.

According to Tyntec, the development of cloud-based communications platforms represent a huge opportunity for retailers, enabling them to connect with shoppers on any device, from smartphone to desktop, and through a variety of channels, from SMS to voice and email.

The whitepaper also includes best practice for creating a seamless shopper experience, and how to ensure transparency and security at a time when these topics are increasingly important to consumers.

“The retailers who conquer the challenges of personalisation will reap the benefits,” writes Tyntec in the whitepapers conclusion. “A recent Boston Consulting Group study projects that a whopping $800bn (£600bn) over five years will shift to industry leaders that get personalisation right in retail, healthcare and financial services.

“In an age where consumers can order with one click, get shipping overnight and demand immediate answers to tweets, expectations are high for retailers to provide a seamless experience and offer a personal touch no matter the channel.”

You can download the whitepaper, Creating Personalised Shopping Experiences with Mobile Messaging, for free here.