83 Per Cent of Facebooks Daily UK Users are Mobile

In a bid to bring on more advertisers to add to the 1m plus on board already, Facebook has for the first time revealed daily and monthly users in the UK and US, as well as how many active mobile users there are in each country. Further country-specific data, promised at regular intervals, is also on the way, according to a spokesperson.

Weve pulled together all of the latest stats from Facebook to give you an idea of how mobile usage is growing worldwide, in each country and as a share of advertising. 

Global user stats Q2, 2013

  • Monthly users: 1.15bn = +3.6 per cent q/q and +21 per cent y/y 
  • Daily users: 669m = +5.1 per cent q/q and +26 per cent y/y
  • Monthly mobile users: 819m = +9 per cent q/q and +51 per cent y/y
  • Daily mobile users: 469m = +10 per cent q/q 
  • Mobile-only: 219m = 20 per cent of total monthly users, more than Twitter has in total
  • No. of mobile page impressions: 65bn per day
  • Ad revenue: $1.16bn = 88 per cent of $1.81bn total revenue
  • Mobile ad revenue: $656m = 36 per cent of total revenue, +10 percentage points q/q
  • No. of advertisers: +1m worldwide

US user stats Q2, 2013

  • Monthly users: 179m 
  • Daily users: 128m
  • Monthly mobile users: 142m = 79 per cent of monthly users
  • Daily mobile users: 101m = 78 per cent of daily US users and 20 per cent of total global daily mobile users

UK user stats Q2, 2013

  • Monthly users: 33m
  • Daily users: 24m
  • Monthly mobile users: 26m = 78 per cent of monthly UK users
  • Daily mobile users: 20m = 83 per cent of daily UK users 


  • Facebook for Every Phone users: 100m