84 Per Cent of Tablets Used for Same Task as PCs

84 per cent of tablet owners in the US are now comfortable using the device for tasks previously performed on their PC, according to a report from Mojiva – including tasks requiring sensitive financial information.

85 per cent of tablet users also own a smartphone – a number thats actually surprisingly low, given that you might expect consumers to upgrade their phones first, and then widen their range of technology.

53 per cent of respondents said they spend at least one hour a day using their tablet, and 23 per cent spend two hours or more on the device a day.

“Tablet device growth and time spent with these devices have been on a rapid incline worldwide for several quarters,” said Mojiva CEO David Gwozdz. “It was only a matter of time before the consumer base reached a critical mass point, where they are now relying on tablets to perform necessary utility functions previously conducted on their desktop and laptop computers, in addition to enjoying the amazing entertainment qualities afforded by these lightweight, interactive devices. As a result, tablet advertising is fast moving away from being perceived as an optional medium, and instead proving to be a valuable tool in delivering ROI and revenue to brand advertisers.”

56 per cent of respondents said they were most likely to click on a banner ad on their tablet, over other ad formats. Discounts proved the most popular form of ad content among tablet users, with 33 per cent saying they respond to these kinds of ads. The category which proved most popular, meanwhile, was food and restaurants, with 49 percent saying they were likely to click through.