86 Per Cent of Australia Phone Users Engage in mCommerce

mCommerce86 per cent of Australian mobile users will engage in mCommerce over the next year, a report has revealed.

The Mobile Media Consuption Report for Australia, commissioned by advertising platform InMobi, revealed that mCommerce had risen 11 percent year-on-year, and also showed 34 per cent of mobile users felt mobile had become a key factor impacting their purchasing decisions.

The report detailed several trends in how mobile is affecting media consumption, showing the average mobile user consumes 6.7 hours of media a day, with mobile closing in on television in terms of time spent interacting (23.3 per cent versus 23.8 per cent).

55 per cent of mobile web users consider their phones their primary or exclusive means of accessing the internet, although only 10 per cent of mobile usage is spent on the mobile web, with 89 per cent of time spent using apps.

The report also showed that mobiles advertising reach was becoming more powerful, with 55 per cent of users in Australia now as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online ads. Advertisements had led to 69 per cent downloading an application, 63 per cent visiting a website and 44 per cent buying something via a mobile device.

“The rapid growth in smartphone adoption in Australia is creating a new wave of consumer behaviour that is changing the mobile landscape,” said John White, regional director and GM for InMobi in Australia and New Zealand. “There are three clear trends driving this changing behaviour: users spending more time on their mobiles, the growing influence of mobile advertising and the rise in mobile commerce.

“Although mobile is impacting purchase behaviour, it is not yet being fully leveraged, providing plenty of opportunities for advertisers and marketers to take advantage.”