9 in 10 of Middle East and Africa’s Web Users Access Mobile Internet

Mobile phone internet emarketerThe Middle East and Africa has the largest share of internet users that go online using a mobile phone, according to eMarketer. But only half of mobile users in the region have access to a phone with internet capability.

In 2014, 94 per cent of internet users in the Middle East and Africa will use a mobile phone to go online, but only 54 per cent of people have access to the mobile web on their handset.

The US leads the way in terms of smartphone penetration among mobile phone owners and Western Europe will overtake The Middle East and Africa into second place this year.

Worldwide, mobile web penetration among internet users is at 79.1 per cent, dropping to 48.9 per cent as a percentage of mobile phone users. Smartphone owners will become the majority of mobile phone owners worldwide by 2015.