92 percent of consumers use voice to search the web – 40 percent on a regular basis

Tim Green

Voice search is slowly moving into the mainstream as consumers lose their fear of the tech and the perceived privacy risk.

This is the headline finding of a new report by Vixen Labs, which reveals that four in ten consumers now use voice search on a regular basis.

It says the most frequently used voice tasks are music selection, IOT control and obtaining travel information. But web search is the biggest mover, with more than half of US voice users are now shopping with their voice. The report suggests that a decline in worry about privacy and trust is one factor in the growing usage.

Another is the commitment of major platform providers to the interface. It cites developments from Meta, Apple, Google and Microsoft, along with the need for voice as a method to navigate the Metaverse.

It says: "A core component of the Metaverse will be engagement with synthetic media, AI-generated and controlled avatars, objects, and environments. Consumer understanding is still very nascent at this stage, but around 30 percent of users in all markets would be willing to interact with synthetic media to search for information and be assisted in making purchases."

James ‘JP’ Poulter, CEO & Co-founder, Vixen Labs, said: "There comes a time in every big technology cycle when we see a tipping point – that moment when it goes from a novelty to a go-to tool. As the team and I dove into the Voice Consumer Index data for 2022, we saw that tipping point. Voice assistants and the assistance they provide have been in our lives in one way or another for more than a decade now. We are turning to them without thinking about it, just to get things done."