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ITV Launches Ad Sync+ in Partnership with RadiumOne

David Murphy

X-Factor-4.jpgITV’s Commercial division has struck a deal with programmatic ad platform, RadiumOne, that will see ITV launch Ad Sync+. This will link ITV’s broadcast output to RadiumOne’s platform to enable ITV’s TV advertisers to reach their desired audiences simultaneously across other devices and online environments.

In essence, the deal means that when an ad plays out on ITV, Ad Sync+ advertisers will be able to serve a similar ad online just a few milliseconds later to users with a similar profile to the TV audience in terms of socio-demographics and geography.

Radium One’s tech also enables an additional layer of audience to be included, based on the content they share or engage with online. For example, an Iceland ad could be served to people beyond the 'standard' demographic profile who have engaged with or shared online content relating to frozen food or cooking at Christmas. Advertisers will have access to over 30bn sharing events per month.

The original version of Ad Sync has been around since 2012, and initially enabled advertisers to target X Factor viewers during ad breaks via the X Factor app. The + part of Ad Sync+ relates to this ability to target viewers based on the content they have shared, via Radium One’s tech, in any ITV programme ad break.

Simon Daglish, ITV Commercial’s deputy managing director, announced the partnership at the 60th anniversary ITV Gala this evening, where ITV outlines its future plans to advertisers, agencies and other partners. He said: “RadiumOne’s deep understanding of cross-platform ad solutions and their unique lens on audiences through sharing data, makes them the perfect partner to help us deliver further value to our advertisers across multiple platforms.”