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4INFO Ties Up with Kantar Shopcom for SKU-level Purchase Data Analysis

David Murphy

[caption id="attachment_81330" align="alignleft" width="200"]4INFO-Tim-Jenkins.png Jenkins: "Access to SKU-level purchase data has previously been only available to CPG marketers"[/caption]

Mobile attribution specialist 4INFO has announced a partnership with Kantar Shopcom, a data integration, analytics, and insights firm that measures the impact of a brand’s messaging on retail purchases. As a result of the tie-up, 4INFO will become Kantar Shopcom’s first mobile platform to enable SKU-level targeting for retailers across more than 15 sectors and 300 retail categories, with the introduction of 4INFO’s Kantar Shopcom Retail Product Segments.

“Access to SKU-level purchase data has previously been only available to CPG marketers, giving them the ability to precisely target and measure mobile ad campaigns with tremendous results based on sales lift,” said 4INFO CEO, Tim Jenkins. “The availability of such a category-wide data source has fuelled tremendous growth in mobile advertising from CPG brands. Now with 4INFO’s new retail solution in partnership with Kantar Shopcom, we expect to see similar interest from companies that sell across other retail categories.”

4INFO’s Kantar Shopcom Retail Product Segments solution will have access to retail data collected from 175m unique consumers from more than 32,000 retailers in shopping centres across the US. The SKU-level data represents over 300 retail categories, from clothing, automotive, electronics and home improvement to jewellery, office supplies and sporting goods, and comprises 55m products. It will enable advertisers in each of these categories to measure the sales uplift delivered by their mobile advertising campaigns.

"The combination of 4INFO's unprecedented mobile advertising platform and Kantar Shopcom's massive retail product purchase data enables brands and advertisers to target differentiated audience segments and drive incremental sales results,” said Kantar Shopcom CEO, Katie Casavant. “Our partnership supports national campaigns and hyper-local marketing investments, which is increasingly essential for marketers as advertising dollars shift to mobile.”