95 Per Cent of Google Advertisers are Cross-Platform

Googles Q1 report revealed the company earned $3.3bn during the opening three months of the year, 16 per cent more than the $2.9bn made in the same quarter a year earlier. Its revenue has increased 31 per cent year-on-year to $14bn.
Although specific mobile numbers werent broken out in the companys Q1 report, it was revealed in an earnings call that 95 per cent of its advertising clients are already deploying campaigns across multiple screens.

Commitment to cross-platform ads

Despite recent decreases in its ad prices, falling six per cent in the final three months of 2012 and four per cent in its last quarter, the team appeared positive that its Enhanced Campaigns product launched in Q1 would bring greater ROI, and presumably more stable pricing across mobile and desktop.

Enhanced Campaigns are helping advertisers transition separate mobile and desktop campaigns into a new cross-device delivery platform. Nikesh Arora, SVP and chief business officer, confirmed that 1.5m campaigns had already been migrated over, with the rest due for completion by the end of this quarter. He said Enhanced Campaigns will enable Google to “really offer them the benefits of location, context, screens, all with one campaign,” and that this will ultimately lead to better ROI for advertisers. Proximity bidding and offers were identified as future advertising offerings.

Arora said that the company has already spent a lot of time helping its clients get mobile. “Once you have mobile sites and desktops, we want to make sure that you can get best ROI across those things. I think we’re still working on this; we’re still down the journey. We have a significant number of our early adopters on to enhanced campaigns and as I said, we intend to get them all migrated in the next few months, another next 10 weeks actually.”

Google Play

Google Play is now available in 20 countries, launching in another seven, including India and Mexico, during Q1. Asia remained Googles fastest growing advertising market. “The velocity around Google Play is tremendous,” Larry Page, CEO said. “It’s a big bet and one that’s fundamental to the success of the Android ecosystem. As devices multiply, it’s really important that our products work seamlessly whatever device you are using at the moment. “

Questioned on the fragmentation of Android, Page said he recently had the opportunity to test Andoird across a range of devices. Beyond differences like the phones core buttons, he didnt see any difficulty with Android fragmentation. “There’s a lot of innovation and that the platform is moving really quickly and that’s how we designed it. I think actually it’s working pretty well.”

Page wouldnt be drawn on Andy Rubins plans, having stepped down as the head of Android, but said: “He really decided it was time to hand over the reigns and start a new chapter at Google…we haven’t said what that is and I’m not going to make news today on that.”

Glass a luxury at $1500?

Asked about the overall strategy for Google Glass, which will be running on Android, including its $1500 luxury price tag, Page said: “ I think that we’re probably pretty good at third-party ecosystems. So I’m not too worried about that. There’s been a lot of speculation on that and I would just say it’s early. And I think the price tag was set for developers for an early test. I’m not sure I’ll call it a luxury price, but certainly a pretty high price.”

Although Motorola Mobile, owned by Google, had an operating loss of $271m or -27 per cent in Q1, Page said he is really excited for its upcoming products. “In todays multi-screen world, the opportunities are endless. Think about your device. Battery life is a challenge for most people. You shouldn’t need to carry around a charger with you to make it through the day. If your kids spill their drink on their tablet, the screen shouldnt die, and when you drop your phone it shouldnt shatter.

“There is a real potential to invent new and better experiences, one that are much faster and more intuitive, so having just seen Motorola’s upcoming products myself. I’m really excited about the potential there. In just under a year, they have accomplished a lot and have impressive velocity and execution.”