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Spirent and Oasis Smart Partner for IoT Solution

David Murphy

A vending machine provides various beverages

A vending machine provides various beverages

Spirent Communications, which provides device intelligence solutions has announced a strategic partnership with and Oasis Smart SIM, a global Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) connectivity and management provider.

The partnership aims to remove connectivity and network provisioning barriers for the rapid development of connected products and devices, such as cameras, smart vehicles, logistics and production goods. The partnership marks both firms’ entry into the connected Internet of Things (IoT) business which the analyst Gartner forecasts will result in 6.4bn connected devices worldwide in 2016, and 20.8bn by 2020.

Prior to launching the new product, Spirent and Oasis undertook extensive research into the hurdles that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face in making diverse connected products, ranging from white goods in the kitchen to those used in animal management, suitable for sale in world markets. The companies say it It became clear that old technologies and business models based on use of the traditional SIM were not suitable for IoT device activation and subscription provisioning on a global scale.

The partnership will introduce a two-click software solution, including USIM functionality, that OEMs can embed into products for seamless cellular service activation in any of the world’s markets, as well as life-cycle management.

“Spirent and Oasis have teamed-up to help manufacturers build better and smarter products for the connected world,” said Dennis Juul Poulsen, general manager of Spirent’s IoT Connectivity and Subscription Management business. “Be it a connected truck or a pair of smart running shoes, OEMs in whatever vertical market now have a solution that provides customers with seamless instant connectivity and the freedom to choose whatever cellular service provider they wish.”