999eye Enables Users to Stream Footage Direct to Emergency Services

  • Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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Pocket App, one of the UKs largest independent app developers, has collaborated with West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) to create a smartphone system that will enable members of the public calling to report fires and other emergencies to stream live footage directly to 999 call operators.

The 999eye system was trialled by WMFS earlier this year and is now part of a wider pilot involving a number of other emergency services. The solution aims to complement the current 999 system, and allow operators to better determine the level of emergency response required.

The system doesnt require any downloading by the caller, instead letting the operator send a text message to the reporter which contains a URL link, triggering a one-use-only live video stream from the reporters phone.

The solution is currently in beta testing following the pilot, and has had 20 different emergency services around the country express interest in taking part in the next round of testing, as well as gaining a nomination for Best New Service or Application in the UK App Design Awards.

“Emergency control staff are highly trained in getting information from callers to help them quickly establish what is happening and where,” said Matt Wroughton, watch commander of WMFS. “We are confident that this system will complement their existing work, and help them make even better decisions about what resources to send to an incident.”

“This is a major advancement in the way that 999 calls are reported and dealt with, and could be lifesaving,” said Paul Swaddle, CEO of Pocket App. “Additionally, with interest in the technology coming from other emergency services, both home and abroad, there is a real chance that this could change emergency response around the world.”