ViewMind partners with HP to help treat cognitive disorders

Leading medical device and artificial intelligence company, ViewMind today announced a new development agreement with HP Inc., as ViewMind utilises HP’s new Reverb G2 Omnicept VR Headset to diagnose and monitor cognitive disorders.

The new partnership with HP will allow ViewMind to rapidly scale its technology, opening the door for greater global distribution and more early diagnoses of potentially significant cognitive issues.

Currently, early diagnosis doesn’t really exist for these issues and the tests that are available are expensive, invasive, and do not diagnose early enough. If a patient is diagnosed when presenting symptoms, this is too late to be able to make a meaningful difference whereas, diagnosing decades earlier can enable the patient to make changes in lifestyle and treatment.

ViewMind has developed the methodology to detect Alzheimer’s and other diseases in the pre-clinical stages.

Using a VR headset, ViewMind takes over 10,000 data points through eye movements and by using AI can deliver a diagnosis for cognitive issues 20 years before alternative tests.

ViewMind’s test has achieved 97 per cent accuracy, is cheap, quick, and easy to administer.

“ViewMind are delighted to be collaborating with HP to access the latest innovative HP technologies such as the new HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition VR Headset and to ensure ViewMind’s award-winning solution can be accessed across global markets” said CEO of ViewMind, Mark Edwards.