A+ Response For A1 Campaign

Having already heavily promoted its new, sporty A1 model on TV networks, car manufacturer Audi has successfully translated the campaign onto mobile. Working with Spanish mobile ad agency, TAPTAP Networks, and mobile video technology firm, GoldSpot Media, Audi’s experiment has proved that repurposing TV commercials for mobile viewing can lead to an impressive number of additional views and brand strengthening.

Using new interstitial and click-to-video banner formats developed by TAPTAP, and powered by GoldSpot’s miSpot rich media mobile advertising platform, the Audi A1 mobile campaign launched in September this year, on Spain’s premium iPhone sports app, As.com.

The campaign recorded more than 50,000 impressions in just a few days following its launch, and it is estimated that it received more than eight seconds of average viewing time per user.

“Sight, sound, motion and interactivity are necessary to engage the mobile user deeply with the brand,” says Srini Dharmaji, GoldSpot CEO. The TAPTAP video formats are commercially available across the group’s Premium Ad Network and can be integrated into campaigns run for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad devices.

Alvaro del Castillo, CEO, TAPTAP, adds: “Many more top tier brands are interested in trying these new video formats in the short term, and advertisers are looking for new ways to stand out in a fragmented media landscape. We’ve found that mobile video provides the best opportunity to generate great awareness and strong brand recognition with the mobile audience.”