A Site For Sore Eyes

Pick any mobile marketing firm at random, take a look at their website, and you’d expect it to look pretty good. Take a look at the mobile version, and you’d expect it to look even more so.

Even so, I got a bit of shock yesterday. I was talking to Chris Minas, MD of a new agency, nimbeltank, formed at the start of the year, since when it’s been picking up work from the likes of Asos and Travelex, among others.

Minas told me that he formed nimbletank because he could not see an agency that was taking a long-term, strategic view on mobile. His idea was to offer brands a strategic and creative approach, to enable them to be effective cross-platform.

It’s not dissimilar to what Mobile Interactive Group used to talk about before being acquired by Velti, mobile first, mobile at the centre, mobile as the big, long-term strategic play, taking a very consultative approach and then delivering whatever the consultancy identifies is needed.

Minas, a tecchie, comes from good stock, having worked at Razorfish in its heyday, as well as several other big agencies. Even so, I was keen to know how nimbletank, as a relatively unknown agency, was getting its foot in the door of brands like Asos and Travelex.

“It’s our website,” he told me. “We spent eight months working on it, because we thought it was the best advertisement for what we do.”

I must admit that at this point I was feeling slightly sceptical; I had to see this website, so I typed the URL into my PC, to be greeted by a message that said: ‘Looking for nimbletank? This site is best viewed on a mobile or a tablet’.

Mmm. Never seen that before. So next, naturally, I typed the same URL into my phone, which I suggest you do right now before reading any further. What I got when I did so was one of the coolest, smartest mobile sites I’ve ever seen. All that stuff you’ve heard about the mobile site not being a stripped-down version of the PC site? Here it is. It’s colourful, fun, interactive, vibrant, and as Minas suggests, a great showcase for the company’s work. In fact, nimbletank hasn’t really bothered with the full-fat version, in the interests of showing off what it can do on the small screen.

nimbletank is currently 15 people strong, and growing at the rate of around 20 per cent every quarter. Given the quality of the firm’s output, it’s not hard to see why.

If there’s one thing I like, it’s a company that puts its money where its mouth is, that’s brave enough to say, ‘If you want to know how much we get mobile, just take a look at our website’. Remember the name: nimbletank. I think you’re going to hear a lot more from them.

David Murphy