A Smartphone Battery That Charges in 30 Seconds

Battery issues are one of the biggest problems with current smartphone technology. As other technology comes on leaps and bounds, battery life hasnt seen much improvement, but there could be another solution – make charging the battery quicker and easier. 

18 year old Eesha Khare won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for developing a supercapacitor, an energy storage device which, if used in smartphone batteries, could enable them to fully charge in a matter of seconds. 

“The super-capacitor I have developed uses a special nanostructure, which allows for a lot greater energy per unit volume,” explained Khare. “It can charge very quickly, and it can last for 10,000 cycles, compared to batteries which are only, like, 1,000 cycles.”

Khare tested the technology with an LED device, which ran off a battery with the supercapacitor after just 20 seconds of charging.

Tech companies including Google have reportedly approached Khare regarding the technology, hopefully meaning it could be coming to the market sooner rather than later.