A Third of Consumers Regularly Abandon Brands due to Poor Mobile Experiences

Teenage hipsters using phone in cityA new study suggests that online brand loyalty is increasingly an outmoded concept with 91 per cent of consumers having abandoned a brand due to a poor mobile experience, and 34 per cent doing so regularly.

The report, released by Netbiscuits, examined the mobile commerce attitudes and behaviours of over 6,000 consumers worldwide. Analysing the reasons for mobile web disappointments, slow websites, difficulty in entering information and poor content compared to desktop sites were all cited by the majority of respondents.

Particular focus was placed on digital native 18-34 year olds by the study, finding they were much more likely than any other age group to evangelise a brand for good mobile interactions. 90 per cent of 25-34 year olds have recommended a company based on their mobile website, with 38 per cent doing this often or very often.

However, the same group is also the least tolerant of poor websites, and generally perceive their experiences to be worse, suggesting a higher level of expectations.

“This years Peoples Web Report has confirmed that in addition to an increasingly complex mobile landscape, we are also seeing better informed, more demanding consumers who want to do more on the mobile web and therefore are expecting more,” said Daniel Weisbeck, CEO of Netbiscuits. “Mobile is evolving at an unprecedented speed, and this report is about getting to grips with the people whose behaviours and attitudes will ultimately influence the shape of tomorrows mobile web and a brands future.”