Abaxia Launches MobileTag Music Promo

Mobile software solutions company Abaxia is including a MobileTag voucher with every copy of leading French singer Garous new CD, which
is released today. When scanned with a camera-phone, the Tag will give
Garou fans the chance to win an exclusive meeting with the artist
during his show in Paris in November.
To work, the phone must be equipped with a Wap/Web connection, and must
have at least a 1.3 megapixel camera. Anyone using a phone
that does not meet these specifications, however, can simply enter the code
listed under the Tag to access the same services. 
Abaxia says the MobileTag concept is hugely popular in Japan, where Tags have become the most common way of accessing mobile services such
as games, ringtones, and logos. Over the last six months, the smart
barcode has emerged ahead of all the other means of accessing this kind
of content. Most of the codes are in newspapers and magazines, in order
to give access to additional information – including video content – on
an article.
“Sony BMG is happy to be able to promote and strengthen the image of
its artists through the use of new technologies such as MobileTag says
Sony BMG Executive Vice President, Christophe Waignier. This
technology offers new opportunities of privileged exchange between the
artist and his public.”
For Abaxia, CEO Cedric Mangaud adds:
“Why should mobile phone cameras be limited to just taking photos?
Mobile tag can simplify access to any number of mobile services. Before
too long, the uptake of this technology will be similar to Korea, where
buildings being repaired regularly display giant Tags offering special
offers in the shops on the ground floor.”