Abbyy releases SDK kit to allow users to automate their data in-app

Document recognition and content capture firm Abbyy has launched its AI enabled mobile capture SDK kit which will allow users to capture and send data to its back-end via an in-app camera.

The AI-enabled SDK allows users to bypass manual data entry scenarios like sign-up, document input and registration which it says will support organisation’s digital transformation and RPA strategies by simply allowing users to take a photo of the data they need inputted.

According to Abbyy, if data entry is not automated in an organisation, transactions are slowed down and are more likely to be inaccurate, leading to a poor customer experience and transparency. Data automation on a mobile phone, which is a growing communication channel, can increase customer onboarding and retention rate and increase loyalty.

The company says apps in the sectors of financial services, insurance, transportation and logistics, healthcare and other industries can use the service.

“AI automation on mobile still is not being used by businesses to its full advantage,” said Bruce Orcutt, senior vice president of product marketing at Abbyy. “This creates a massive opportunity for the early adopters of new-generation mobile technologies such as ABBYY Mobile Capture. The SDK benefits both organisations and end-users by making mobile interfaces more intuitive, boosting their ease and speed. It is designed for the workforce of the future who are driven by the culture of convenience, prefer mobile for admin tasks, and welcome smarter working practices”.

The tech works for 63 languages and includes ‘out-of-the-box recognition’ of over 160 types of IDs, bank cards, MRZ, and IBAN.