Absolute Labs closes $8m seed round

David Murphy

Wallet Relationship Management (WRM) platform, Absolute Labs, has closed an $8m seed fundraising round, with investment from Aglaé Ventures, Alpha Praetorian Capital, The Luxury Fund, Near Foundation, MoonPay, Plassa Capital, Punja Global Ventures, Samsung Next, Sparkle Ventures (Animoca Brands), and W3i.

The Web3 CRM platform, which is already used by LVMH, MoonPay, The Sandbox and Mocaverse, enables brands to embrace and leverage wallet data on public blockchains to gain deep data insights, build actionable segments, and automate cross-channel campaigns, and nurture social community engagement.

“WRM was born from the realization that existing Web2 CRM solutions are neither capable or positioned to meet the requirements and opportunities of blockchain-based marketing,” said Absolute Labs CEO and Co-founder, Samir Addamine. “Wallets hold the keys to everything Web3 – from proving identity, providing access to value-rich brand experiences, facilitating payments, creating ‘ownership’ opportunities for customers, and more. We’re proud to have an incredible range of partners who share our belief that any brand that recognizes the awesome potential of Web3 must have absolute WRM as a core component of its martech stack.”