Accumulate Adds Global Billing to Flexion Wrapper

Accumulate, which provides flexible pricing solutions for mobile retailers, has had added global billing coverage to its Flexion Wrapper solution. The move means that consumers in over 60 countries can now use the in-app billing solution, making payments either by Premium SMS or credit card.

Accumulate says that the new service provides app stores, content providers and handset manufacturers with an out-of-the-box billing and pricing solution that is fully dynamic, based on the market it is used in. The Flexion wrapper can be customised with different price points and different methods of billing, as appropriate for the territory.

This means that new content can be launched, knowing that revenue can be generated, without the content provider having to manage their own detailed, global billing relationships. If a relationship exists with a preferred billing provider, however, the Flexion wrapper can add or change the billing providers without any effort on the content provider’s part.

“We believe it is key to be able to offer operator billing in as many markets as possible, since this will increase conversion to spend and ultimately generate more revenues for all involved,” says Accumulate UK MD, Jens Lauritzson. “It is pretty obvious why certain app stores are struggling, and a lot of it is down to ease of use and purchase. We would like to invite them to use our solution and focus on distribution, rather than billing.” 

The Flexion wrapper allows content providers to create a range of retail offers for users, such as ‘Try & Buy’ through to ‘all you can eat’  models, as well as other pricing options. The Flexion wrapper adds a new retail element to Java, Android and Blackberry games and apps that can increase revenues dramatically, says Acumulate.

To help launch the service, Accumulate has chosen txtNation as one of its providers for the Premium SMS billing element.