Accumulate Offers Android Support

Mobile security firm Accumulate has announced support for Android on its mobile payment and security platform, Mobile Everywhere. Using the platform, mobile phones can replace security solutions as hardware security tokens, one-time codes or certificates on the users computer. In addition, Android mobiles can also use Accumulates payment solutions, for in-store mobile payments, online payments, vending machine payments, and person-to-person money transfers.
Mobile Everywhere works on all mobiles and with all mobile operators and subscription types. The solution qualifies with the law as an advanced electronic signature and uses a method officially termed: true two-factor, dual-line authentication. External experts have examined and approved Accumulates technology for implementation in the banking environment. Furthermore the technology gives protection against so called man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing of user ID and password.
Accumulate uses its patented solution, One-Time-Ticket (OTT), for one-times codes. The company says that OTT delivers true two-factor authentication that is more secure, easier to use and more cost effective than OTP (one-time password) and other solutions on the market. With OTT, no user information, such as user ID and password is transported or saved over the Internet, and there is no need for text messaging or dedicated security devices.
The amount of users of Android mobiles is growing rapidly, says Accumulate CEO, Stefan Hultberg. Using Accumulates Mobile Everywhere solutions, these users can now pay with mobile at merchants and log in at their Internet bank, instead of having special security devices. We also see that business use of Android is taking off, and enabling companies and organizations with our solution will introduce very cost-effective and secure solutions (such as) login to the corporate VPN using the mobile phone as the security device.