Accuweather teams up with Swirl for weather-specific targeting

Tyrone Stewart

AccuWeatherWeather and digital media company AccuWeather has formed a partnership with Swirl Networks, a mobile presence management and marketing platform, to provide real-time weather targeting to indoor mobile location marketing.

Through an integration of AccuWeather’s data sets into the Swirl platform, marketers will be able to tailor in-store mobile experiences based on a shopper’s local weather conditions.

“Retailers and advertisers are constantly looking for ways to engage with consumers in the most meaningful, relevant ways,” said David Mitchell, VP of digital media for emerging platforms at AccuWeather. “In partnership with Swirl, AccuWeather has combined outdoor weather conditions and indoor location into a powerful new contextual layer for marketers.”

Swirl’s platform enables retailers to use indoor location signals – including Bluetooth beacons, wi-fi, and visible light communications (VLC) – to deliver content to shoppers’ mobiles based on their in-store location.

Weather targeting is available for campaigns delivered to users of the retailer’s branded app, the AccuWeather app, any third-party app configured to work with Google’s beacon services, and Google Nearby notifications – Android’s beacon-triggered notification service.

“This partnership brings the power of weather targeting to indoor location in a seamless and automated way,” said Hilmi Ozguc, founder and CEO of Swirl. “Swirl platform customers now have direct access to localised weather data from one of the most respected names in the industry. We look forward to working with AccuWeather to enable retailers to deliver even greater levels of contextual relevance with their in-store mobile experiences.”