AccuWeather Updated for iCloud

Leading weather app AccuWeather has updated its iOS apps to take advantage of iOS 5 and iCould. 

Users can now see AccuWeather updates in the Apple mobile operating systems NotificationCenter. The app also integrates with the OSs built-in Calendar app. 

The new features are available to users who update their AccuWeather app for iPhone and iPod touch, and AccuWeather Platinum or AccuWeather Free iPad apps. 

The AccuWeather apps now allow users to choose to view AccuWeather forecasts within their Calendar and NotificationCenter, as well as access saved settings and cities across their iOS devices using iCloud. The updated app also allows social media sharing through Twitter, as well as integration of your contacts into the radar weather display, which is overlaid on Google Maps.

“We are very excited to support iOS 5 across our AccuWeather apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch,” says Pascal Racheneur, AccuWeather VP of interactive media. “iOS 5 allows users to access AccuWeathers content in ways weve not yet seen. These updates give iOS 5 users the ability to plan their day and make daily decisions based on weather conditions.”

AccuWeather is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The AccuWeather Platinum (69p) is available for iPad only.