Acision and Aegis Mobility Partner for Safer Driving Solution

Mobile data specialist Acision, and Aegis Mobility, which develops solutions for “distracted driving”, have announced an alliance that they say will enable mobile operators to offer subscribers “breakthrough safe-driving technology”.

The two companies are working together through the Acision Innovation Network, a program that includes more than 100 partners from across the communications industry, working with Acision on the creation and marketing of new applications and services to advance the way the world uses mobile communications.

The alliance integrates Aegis Mobility’s DriveAssist solution with the Acision Personalized Messaging portfolio, which enables mobile operators to deliver mobile messaging solutions with additional value-added services. DriveAssist detects when a user who is subscribed to the service is driving, and prevents them from receiving incoming calls or texts, allowing the network to mediate text messages, data sessions, and voice calls. Callers hear a message explaining that the person they are trying to call is driving, and are given the option of leaving a voice message, requesting an automatic callback when they reach their destination, or finding out the location of the person they are calling.

The companies say the interoperability with Acision’s enabling technology, combined with the firm’s longstanding relationship with the operator community, will speed up and simplify the deployment of Aegis Mobility’s distracted driving solution for operators.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver inattention is the cause of almost 80 per cent of traffic accidents, with mobile phone use being the most common distraction. The National Safety Council reports that 28 per cent of motor vehicle crashes can be attributed to talking and texting on a phone while driving. Texting and driving is especially dangerous, and has been found to increase the risk of a crash by a factor of 8 – 23.

“We believe operators will find strong market interest in this distracted driving solution, especially among parents looking to protect their teenage children, as well as enterprises wishing to reduce liability risk and enhance the safety of their mobile employees,” says Rick Harris, senior vice president and general manager of N. American operations for Acision. “This alliance empowers operators to accelerate the deployment and delivery of a distracted driving solution that will save lives.”