Acision Gets WIND of a Deal

Canadian carrier WIND Mobile has deployed a raft of mobile data messaging and reporting solutions from Acision. WIND aims to gain a deeper understanding of its subscribers preferences and improve mobile messaging and data services.

WIND Mobile has deployed the Acision Short Message Service Center (SMSC), Acision Multimedia Message Service Center (MMSC), Acision High Speed Proxy (HSP) and Acision Flexible Gateway (AFG). WIND will also deploy reporting and performance-management solution Acision Business Tools. 

“Acision is a leader in helping operators like us at WIND seize the emerging opportunities in todays mobile marketplace by more effectively delivering new services that meet the needs of their subscribers,” says Marius Armeanca, CTO at WIND Mobile. “With Acisions support, WIND Mobile offers mobile users in Canada best-in-breed data services that not only address this demand, but also help to lower the price of wireless via a more efficient hardware footprint.”

“N. America is one of the most dynamic regions for picture messaging usage, accounting for 20 per cent of worldwide multimedia traffic according to Informa Telecoms & Media,” says Claudia Grandjean, Acision SVP and GM, N. America. “The analyst house also forecast that MMS traffic in N. America will increase over 300 per cent between 2010 and 2015, second only to Asia in terms of market growth. The deployment with WIND Mobile is further evidence of Acisions commitment to serve the Canadian market and deliver mobile data solutions tuned to the evolving needs of todays multimedia-savvy mobile subscribers.”