Acision Joins RCS Initiative

Messaging company Acision has joined the GSM Associations Rich Communication Suite (RCS) Initiative. As part of the RCS Initiative, Acision, along with 60 other member organisations, will be at the forefront of developing rich communication technology and services, which run across IP and multimedia-based networks. These include enhanced messaging, presence enabled contact management, and in-call multimedia sharing.
The RCS Initiative was formed in 2007 by leading industry players in a collaborative effort to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of applications and services that interoperate and provide enriched communication. By combining the joint experiences of the major network operators, handset vendors, messaging infrastructure leaders and PC client specialists, the RCS Initiative aims to drive the roll-out of the first truly converged communication platform, which leverages the ubiquity, ease of use, standardisation and chargeability which made SMS a success.
Acision says that its expertise in delivering advanced messaging services to operators globally, as well as its product portfolio of end-to-end IP-based messaging and communications solutions, means it is well positioned to help drive the technical development of RCS services. The company notes that it is already prepared for the future of enriched communication with its own converged next-generation messaging architecture, which enables operators to migrate their current messaging services to future emerging technologies with minimal interruptions.
By being part of the GSMA RCS Initiative, we can provide valuable insight into the advancement of the converged communications environment and quickly realise our long-term vision of a single platform that incorporates all messaging and communications services, says Acision CTO, Louis Corrigan. Acisions aim is to help ensure that RCS is a success that will enhance the end users communication experience, see mass adoption and boost operator revenues. For us, this initiative will provide the next major step in the messaging revolution and will enable us broaden our scope as the leader in next-generation messaging.
Acisions messaging solutions run across all network types, bridging the gap between 2G, 3G and 4G networks, including IMS, HSPA, LTE and WiMAX environments. This supports the increased usage of services such as mobile broadband and enables operators to increase Average Profit Per Megabyte (APPM), while reducing backhaul pressures. Acision says its experience in messaging and charging will enable it, alongside other RCS Initiative members, to help accelerate the time to market of RCS and ensure that service providers can launch reliable and commercial RCS services. Acision has already performed over 100 successful commercial deployments of its IP messaging solution globally, across all networks types.