Acision Launches Acision Media Optimiser

Mobile data specialist Acision has launched Acision Media Optimiser, an enhancement to  the Acision Broadband Mobility Suite. Acision says that, while safeguarding the Quality of Experience for video users, Acision Media Optimiser reduces data traffic peaks by up to 50 per cent, through an affordable, scalability approach, which uses a fraction of the hardware footprint found in most legacy products.

Acision Media Optimiser incorporates video shaping to reduce video traffic in a highly efficient manner, without altering the content. Acision’s transrating and transcoding technology can be applied when required as well as off-line, providing operators with full control over video QoE. The solution also includes intelligent caching, which reduces internet traffic and saves transcoding resources by delivering transcoded content directly from the cache.

Acision notes that as mobile broadband traffic increases exponentially, networks around the world are showing signs of congestion. Mobile video already represents about 40 per cent of all mobile data traffic and is expected to grow to a 2.3m Terabytes a month by 2014, representing almost two thirds of all mobile data traffic, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2009-2014.

In June 2010, Acision commissioned YouGov to conduct UK market research on customer satisfaction and Quality of Experience (QoE) perception in mobile broadband. As part of this research the majority of video users stated they have frequent Quality of Experience issues such as frequent video stalling (63 per cent of respondents), long waiting periods (58 per cent) and poor quality (31 per cent). In particular, video stalling is a major issue, with 59 per cent of respondents considering it the most unacceptable QoE issue.

When asked about video optimisation, 48 per cent of respondents agreed that they would be happy to accept video optimisation if it would address these QoE issues. But while this clearly represents an opportunity for operators to leverage video QoE as a competitive differentiator, Acision says that many operators are struggling to find an economically viable solution to control and manage video.

“Legacy optimisation solutions have been in the market since the early days of mobile internet, promising to reduce traffic peaks by compressing all web and video traffic,” says Marco Wanders, executive VP, mobile broadband at Acision. “In the current mobile broadband era, these types of solutions are economically unsustainable, as they require large server farms to deal with projected video traffic levels, and are highly intrusive to content. Acision’s solution overcomes these drawbacks of legacy solutions, by providing content transparency and the lowest hardware footprint offered in the market today, reflecting a substantially lower total cost of ownership for the operator. With Acision Media Optimiser, operators can increase customer satisfaction but also drive new revenue and profitability by stimulating video and data usage.”