Acision Launches Cloud-Based Data Network

Mobile messaging company Acision has launched an international network of cloud-based data centres, enabling it to offer on-demand messaging services from within its Cloud Service Store.

“As we continue to experience the magnitude of global connectivity that is enriching our lives it’s essential that we enable operators to use Acision’s Cloud Services to quickly and cost-effectively grow revenues by offering innovative mobile services which can be easily monetized and rapidly adopted by consumers,” says Jorgen Nilsson, chief executive at Acision. “With a global network of data centres, we will enable operators to realize the power of the cloud, encouraging a more dynamic mobile messaging landscape with greater service differentiation at a lower cost and with faster delivery.”

This network, underpinned by fibre backbone networks and undersea cabling, will initially go live in North America, South America and Europe, with Asia-Pacific intended to follow shortly.