Acquad Launches Seenearly

[img_assist|nid=9633|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=150]App developer Acquad has launched Seenearly, an Android app that tracks all activity on your mobile phone and lets you monitor it online.

After installation, Seenearly resides as a low-level, anonymous background app on the handset. After registering at, the website will automatically sync with the contents of the phone.

Seenearly then tracks all handset usage and sends the information back to a real-time, online account that can be accessed 24/7. The accessible information includes calls, SMS and email content, browsing history, address book, applications that have been installed or deleted and the phone’s location.

All Seenearly information is encrypted and held in the cloud. Acquad, which was founded by former Nokia, Swisscomm and Gemstar executives, works with “a leading provider” of cloud computing which ensures that all data is stored safely and securely.

“Seenearly is all about keeping you informed,” says Acquad CEO, Peter Karsten. “We track all the activity on a handset and collect this information in one place. Having access to this information is enormously powerful – it can allow consumers to understand their mobile habits, protect against identity theft or cyberstalking, and help keep an eye on loved ones. Interestingly, we don’t gather any more information than the typical Google app in the Android Market. The difference with Seenearly is that the end user can see what information has been collected.”

Karsten adds that Seenearly can help its users in a number of ways. For example, by understanding their phone habits, consumers can ensure that they are on the correct mobile tariff. Employers can monitor employees’ smartphones to understand what they are accessing using company property. And parents can use the app monitor their child’s phone.

Seenearly costs $9.99 (£6.35) and is available now in Android Market. There are also plans for  BlackBerry, Symbian3, Mee Go and iPhone versions of the app later this year.