Actimagine Presents at CES

Andr Pagnac, CEO of Actimagine, will deliver a session on increasing
mobile revenues through audio and video enhancement at CES 2007, which opens today in Las Vegas. His presentation, Implications of
Mobile Device & Service Innovation – How Video & Audio
Enhancement Drive Avenues for Subscriber and Revenue Expansion takes
place at 12 noon today at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.
Actimagine is the creator of the Mobiclip video codec, which delivers
24fps (frames-per-second) full screen quality for all kinds of video,
including free and premium content, without compromising battery-life. The Actimagine session features in the Digital Hollywood track on mobile entertainment. Actimagine, is also exhibiting at
CES, the USAs largest trade show, to demonstrate low-CPU-requirement
video displays on electronic devices.
Actimagine will demonstrate movies, video content and music clips on
devices including Nokia and Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones; Analog Devices
Blackfin BF533 (full D1 resolution on a processor at 500 MHz); the
Nintendo DS Lite (256 x 192 resolution, single and dual screen, on a
processor at 66 MHz); and on 42 TV screens (Full HD and HD Ready
resolutions on processors at 1.7 GHz).
For mobile content and technology providers to increase their
revenues, it is imperative for them to improve audio and video quality
and still reduce costs and drains of CPUs and batteries, says Pagnac.
2007 will be the year that consumers can take their home entertainment
systems wherever they go, but this can only happen with the adoption of
high-quality, energy-efficient codec technology.

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