Activision Getting Serious About Mobile Gaming

Gaming giant Activision has been talking up its mobile strategy, saying it will be stepping more deeply into the app market, and promising to throw the weight of its giant marketing budgets behind mobile properties.

“Mobile is an emerging business for the company and its something were taking very seriously,” said Activision vice president of mobile development Greg Canessa, in an interview with CVG.

Activision generally produces more traditional console and PC games – it owns the Call of Duty and World of Warcraft franchises – but as the processing power of mobile devices grows, meaning it can bring similar titles to mobile, its increasingly attracted to the channel.

Thats good enough news for the app market, which could see an increase in the range and complexity of games on offer – but it should be even better news for the mobile marketing industry. 

Canessa mentioned the amount of money Activision spends on marketing its games – which, in short, is a lot – and says that it will be putting this kind of push behind its mobile products in future. Youd have to hope that, in promoting mobile products, a good portion of that ad spend would go on mobile as a channel, too. Then again, stranger things have happened.