Acxioms LiveRamp and PushSpring expand partnership to deliver better experiences for consumers

App-based mobile audience platform PushSpring and LiveRamp, an Acxiom identity resolution provider, have enhanced their partnership to establish LiveRamp’s IdentityLink data store as a ‘preferred method for accessing PushSpring’s branded audience data and custom segments’.

The enhanced partnership is aimed at helping marketers deliver ‘better experiences with the right message at the right time for consumers’. The pair says this will be done by PushSpring providing analytics and modelling services accessible via the LiveRamp IdentityLink data store services ecosystem. In addition, LiveRamp will allow PushSpring to connect their data to brands’ people-based marketing initiatives and extend the reach of data across channels.

“As marketers pursue people-based strategies, they need access to mobile data to build and engage audiences across channels,” said Travis May, president and general manager of LiveRamp. “We’re delighted that PushSpring is using the IdentityLink Data Store features to provide value to their customers.”

Karl Stillner, CEO and co-founder of PushSpring, added: “We’re excited to strengthen our longstanding partnership with LiveRamp for the distribution and monetisation of PushSpring data and services.”